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Yunus Social Business Companies in Japan

Yunus Social Business Companies adhere to the Seven Principles of Grameen Social Business advocated by Professor Muhammad Yunus.


Business Ethos/Overview

Human Harbor Inc.

Founded: December 3rd, 2012
Headquarters: Minami-ku, Fukuoka


Human Harbor Osaka:http://hhosaka.net/

Human Harbor Tokyo:http://hhtokyo.com



【Business Ethos】

In current society, it is hard for those who have a criminal record to re-enter society as they are regarded as failures in life, which causes an increase in a recidivism rate. Our experiences have told us that many of them have high aspirations and the hidden treasure of “great human resources” are in prisons. We serve as a human harbor for them to re-start their new lives in society.

【Business Overview】

We offer the comprehensive social rehabilitation for people released from prisons through the sustainable industrial recycling business and the support to

overcome the three major obstacles they face in society; accommodation, education, and employment. The “10 % campaign” is one part of our business where other companies can also contribute to social issues indirectly by outsourcing more than 10% of their industrial recycling business to us.


Sankyu Inc.

Founded: May 7th, 2013
Headquarters: Hakata-ku, Fukuoka


【Business Ethos】
Our product “Senzai Shokunin” was invented by the late former CEO as an eco-friendly detergent for business use, especially for medical purposes. To follow his will, we re-started our business as a Yunus Social Business Company with “Hinamoroko”, a new brand of eco-friendly detergent named after an endangered small fish.

【Business Overview】
Medical detergent must have efficient cleaning power, hygienic quality, and eco-friendly ingredients. Our product “Hinamoroko” covers all of these requirements by the latest washing method with oxygen gas. While considering environmental protection, we also address a disabled persons employment issue working closely with the facility “Koubou maru” where disabled artists design the package of our product.

Social Business EQ Partners, Inc.

Founded: December 1st, 2014
Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo


【Business Ethos】
Due to the increasing complexity and diversity of globalization, leadership and human resource development has been crucial to success in the business world.
Our mission is to provide education and consulting services for companies and individuals to solve social problems, such as poverty, human rights, education, environment, health care, war etc.

【Business Overview】
We offer offices and services in Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong, the major business hubs of Asia. By gaining cultural understanding and working with top universities within the respective regions, the clients can grasp necessary skills to be successful in a globalized business world.

Prima Pinguino Co., Ltd.

Founded: March 1st, 2015
Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo


【Business Ethos】
We have been a pioneer for regional revitalization through the promotion of unique educational programs. Many local schools are no longer an attractive prospect for many young students, which leads to many leaving the area for their educational and employment goals. This leads to not only school closures but also a lack of available, skilled workers for local industries. Our mission is to keep producing future pioneers to contribute to local society.

【Business Overview】
As a result of the “Attractive local high school projects” for some schools facing closure, with our unique educational methods and consulting, the number of the students doubled, and to ensure those students become future pioneers, we will continue our support in this area.

Trust, Inc.

Founded: August 1st, 2015
Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo


【Business Ethos】
Creating mutual value is our motto. We provide border-less business platforms to encourage small businesses to develop and encourage women to be financially independent. We strive to be a linking bridge between people so that each one of us can be a valuable human resource to contribute to social economy together.

【Business Overview】
We are creating a long term relationship between companies and customers to ensure to produce new values beyond expectations. We support customers with our strategic marketing method, entrepreneurship course of lectures, and rental offices where they launch their new businesses.

Shokuiku Daigaku

Founded: February 19th, 2017
Secretariat: Beans R Co. ltd., Chuo-ku, Osaka


【Business Ethos】
Meaning of eating at home as family get-together has been weaker and weaker in the modern society. It is time to rethink that “to eat is to live” once more. Through food and nutrition education, we create healthy, caring, and considerate human resources as a member of home, school, and society.

【Business Overview】 
We offer food and nutrition education courses of lectures to cultivate human resources to produce and pass down “healthy meals full of love”, which leads the caring world. Our courses are opened to every individual

LINO PLUS Beauty Stylist Association

Founded: January 2017
Headquarters: Anjou city, Aichi


【Business Ethos】
Supporting women’s self-independence with learning skills, we run seminar and academy so that they can have chances to learn knowledge and skills to obtain any social roles.
To make society where women can play their role independently is our motto.

【Business Overview】
We manage the Beauty Stylist Academy which provides Beauty Stylist Training Courses for learning skills (Aesthetician, Nail Artist, and Masseuse) to be a professional. Also, we provide Licenses for the stylists who graduate from the Beauty Stylist Academy and support their skills to maintain their skill’s quality at the high level.

JAPAN Jewnelist Association

Founded: January 15th, 2017
Headquarters: Suita city, Osaka


【Business Ethos】
Supporting women’s social advancement with learning skills, we run seminar, and academy where they get to learn knowledge and special skills to promote vocational aspirations (occupational and career education) themselves.

【Business Overview】
To provide women with individualized consultation on the subject to be a professional worker, the JEWNELIST Academy serves as a place for them to gain on the job training and personal experiences. We are incubating our JEWNELISTs while instructing their social and financial independence.

MISOL Co., Ltd.

Founded: August 2017
Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Fukuoka


【Business Ethos】
We are a social business company (social problem-solving enterprise) that solves employment issues for minority groups, including LGBTs, people with disabilities, single parents and former inmates through a human resource support and call center business.

Our mission is to accelerate the diversity of human resources in companies so that corporate value rises, and so as many people as possible can live while staying true to themselves, to achieve Sanpo yoshi (benefits for all three sides), and to bring joy to people, companies and society.

【Business Overview】
We provide support for LGBT and single parents in terms of social advancement and improved employment environments. We also assist disabled people in finding employment and former inmates with rehabilitation back into society.

In order to provide these services, we focus on the following:
◆Contact center businesses (telephone response, chat/mail correspondence, various data input).
◆Human support businesses (job site sales, corporate training, consulting).

Eighty Days Inc.

Founded: November 1st, 2016
Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo


【Business Ethos】
We envision a world in which tourism can promote positive change for both travelers coming from afar and the locals who welcome them.

【Business Overview】
We aim to develop tourism in impoverished regions of Japan to help stimulate economic activity and promote exchange of culture and ideas.

Cloud Nine Education Association

Founded: December 12th, 2011
Headquarters: Hakata-ku, Fukuoka


【Business Ethos】
We solve some social issues such as bullying among kids, truancy, isolation from society, suicide and others through our business. We create an environment where we become independent psychologically and financially to inherit a power of “feeling, thinking and making actions”.

【Business Overview】
We offer several classes for people from different age groups such as “Heart to Heart -Cü-” classes to allow participants to get to know “oneself” as well as “business start-up and management for important customers” classes for entrepreneurs and owners of social businesses. We also provide a safe place for kids to grow up called “Kids school: PLAY JAM” and after-school child daycare called “Columbus’ egg project”. We also hold seminars for people who need to train their employees.

Curious Minds Inc.

Founded: September 18th, 2015
Headquarters: Hakata-ku, Fukuoka


【Business Ethos】
We create a safe environment that everyone can show themselves. We solve social issues such as death from overwork, life and work balance, working poor, dysfunctional families through our business. We also create an environment to bring our vitality, passion and curiosity back by enhancing both individual and companies’ self-esteem and self-efficacy.

【Business Overview】
We hold human resource development seminars called “Love myself – beginner, intermediate and advanced” to get to know and establish “oneself”. We also offer workshops called “Workshop: how to create attractive shops” and “Curios project at the street corner” to increase worker’s self-efficacy. We create comfortable spaces for people who hope to have living and working environments such as home, salons, classrooms and offices. 


Founded: 2007
Office: Tokyo / Fukuoka


Logo:borderless japan

【Founding Principle】
・ As the numbers of successful social entrepreneurs increase, the number of social problems solved will also increase
・ We want to increase social entrepreneurs who will create social businesses to change the world

【Business summary】
・ As a platform for social entrepreneurs, we provide business expertise, funds and human resources to those who wish to start a business, and help create an environment where they can concentrate on their business.


Founded: 2008
Office: Shinjyuku-ku, Tokyo


【Business Ethos】
Multicultural Share House to Create the World without Prejudice

【Business Overview】
We provide “comfortable home” and “real communication with local communities” through house sharing. We also run the community cafeteria “Noie shokudo” to support families with small children.

AMOMA (AMOMA natural care)

Founded: 2010
Office: Higashi-ku, Fukuoka


【Business Ethos】
Organic Herb to Increase the Poor Farmers' Income Level

【Business Overview】
We develop and sell organic herbal tea co-developed by midwives and a British herbalist importing fair traded herbs from contract farmers.

BLJ Bangladesh Corporation Ltd.

Founded: 2013
Office:Dhaka, Bangladesh


【Business Ethos】
Leather Factory that produces employment to vulnerable people in Bangladesh

【Business Overview】
We produce leather goods and bags aiming to employee especially the socially vulnerable for Bangladesh of job creation.


Founded: 2014


【Business Ethos】
Custom-made Leather Products to Train Craftsmen in Developing Countries

【Business Overview】
We produce and sell custom-made leather products developing technical capabilities of craftsmen. JOGGO is the business that responds to both the problems of poverty and work conditions in Bangladesh.

Business Leather Factory

Founded: 2014
Office: Higashi-ku, Fukuoka


【Business Ethos】
Business Leather BLAND which creates employment in Bangladesh

【Business Overview】
We offer real leather goods at the same price as artificial leather products. We have succeeded in creating a new demand for leather products among those who have always wanted to own a real leather item but who have never been able to afford the high price-tag. We bring employment to Bangladesh prioritizing women and the inexperienced.


Founded: 2015


【Business Ethos】
Logistics Infrastructure to Deliver Goods to Marginalized Poor Villages

【Business Overview】
We deliver the daily necessities with proper price to the poor marginalized villages suffering from lack of distribution network. Borderless link started the distribution business in order to lower the living expense, create employment and increase income, and make opportunities for villagers so that they can pave the path on their own.


Founded: 2015
Office:Higashi-ku, Fukuoka


【Business Ethos】
Reused-Selected Kids Wear Shop to End the "Era of Disposing"

【Business Overview】
We run the shop that reuses the high quality expensive children’s clothes and the children’s formal clothes rental service. We collaborate with “Little Mama”, one of the most famous free magazines in Fukuoka.


Founded: 2016


【Business Ethos】
Organic Agriculture to Resolve Farmer’s Poverty Cycle

【Business Overview】
We carry out from production to sales of organic foods, mainly on herbs guaranteeing farmers' stable income by purchasing agricultural crops in full quantity at reasonable prices.


Founded: 2016
Office: Migori County, Kenya Migori town


Photo:Alphajiri1【Business Ethos】
◆ Eliminate poverty in Africa by reforming agricultural distribution channels.
◆ We aim to help poor farmers who could not earn stable income from their core business in the agricultural industry.
◆ We offer a complete service, from the stable supply of high quality production to wholesale services, including the building of agricultural structures.
◆ Our hope is to make “tough agricultural structures” that will fight poverty.

【Business Overview】 
Agricultural distribution management industry

Bangladesh Leather Inspection

Founded: 2017
Office: Dhaka, Bangladesh


Photo:Bangladesh Leather Inspection2【Business Ethos】
◆ We aim to promote employment and create communities for illiterate people with disabilities.
◆ Inspection site to certify products.
◆ Creating a working environment where employees can work with peace of mind while earning a stable income.

【Business Overview】 
◆ Product inspection business
OEM contract manufacture

Photo:Bangladesh Leather Inspection1


Founded: 2017
Office: Tokyo


Photo:BORDERLESS Career1【Business Ethos】
◆ To avoid mismatches in employment of younger generations through a system
◆ Our goal is to help young people who are anxious about getting a job or undergoing career changes.

【Business Overview】 
◆ Staffing agency
◆ Temporary employment agency


Founded: 2017
Office: Guatemala


Photo:MAYSOL2【Business Ethos】
◆ We aim to solve the problems of poor people who have no job options and find it difficult to provide an education for their children.
◆ We outsource about 2 hours of poultry farming work each day for mothers who can work while staying at home.
◆ To create an environment where poor children can continue to attend a school.

【Business Overview】 
◆ Outsourcing and support for poultry farms



Founded: 2017
Office: Fukuoka


【Business Ethos】
◆ We solve problems for people who struggle in solitude, and who have emotional difficulties they cannot talk to anyone about.
◆ We provide self-care information suitable for each person.
◆ We hope that each person's experiences can lead to hope for everyone in society.

Photo:MENT1【Business Overview】 
◆ Information service industry
◆ Planning and sales of herbal tea


Founded: 2017
Office: Miyazaki


Photo:Miraibatake1【Business Ethos】
◆ We aim to solve the problem of the decreasing number of farmers and abandoned farmland in Japan.
◆ Increasing the ability of senior citizens to farm by developing and introducing support devices, and reducing the large number of people who abandon farming.
◆ Our goal is to have a society in which retired generations can support agriculture in Japan.

【Business Overview】 
◆ Cultivation and sale of agricultural crops


Founded: 2017
Office: Mitsusawa shitamachi branch


※Temporary closed

Photo:Noie shokudo1【Business Ethos】
◆ We aim to help mothers who are struggling while trying to balance work and parenting, and having problems with their children.
◆ Management of a children’s cafeteria where children can come alone to eat, specialized for child-rearing.
◆ Creating a regional child care community in which working and child-rearing households are less isolated, and are able to live with ease.

【Business Overview】 
◆ Management of local community cafeterias

Photo:Noie shokudo2

People Port

Founded: 2017
Office: Tokyo


Photo:People Port1【Business Ethos】
◆ Our goal is to solve the problems of refugees who cannot escape poverty and social isolation in Japan.
◆ Creating a workplace that balances both working and learning.
◆ Multiculturally symbiotic society in which each person can live their own lives.

【Business Overview】 
◆ Reused and recycled sales of electronic Equipment

Photo:People Port2

Sunday Morning Factory

Founded: 2017
Office: Fukuoka


Photo:Sunday Morning Factory2【Business Ethos】
◆ We aim to solve the problem of children who are forced to work to support their households.
◆ Creating stable employment for parents so that their children do not need to work.
◆ Building a society that can escape the vicious cycle of poverty.

【Business Overview】 
◆ Manufacture and sale of clothing for babies and children

Photo:Sunday Morning Factory1



Founded: 2018
Office: Fukuoka, Guatemala


Photo:ILOITOO1【Business Ethos】
◆ Solving the problems of Mayan ethnic women who suffer from gender or ethnic discrimination.
◆ Branding by enhancing the added value provided by traditional Mayan crafts.
◆ Making things that connect producers and happy users.

【Business Overview】 
◆ Manufacture and sale of upscale products made from reused traditional Mayan fabrics


(Brand name:CHIAKI-a.ladonna.JAPAN/a.ladonna.+)

Founded: 2017
(Brand established: 2009)
Office: Tokyo



Photo:a.ladonna.1【Business Ethos】
◆ “From one individual to people everywhere, from Japan to the world”
◆ Barrier-free fashion for people of all nationalities, genders or disabilities

【Business Purpose】
◆ We will leave a beautiful earth, mind and body to children of the future by creating new standards within the fashion industry, with a WIN-WIN approach to solving environmental and labor problems.
◆ We are aiming at “sanpo Yoshi” (creator × buyer × balance with problem-solving in the world)

【Business Overview】 
◆ Design, planning, manufacturing, wholesale, sale, import and export of clothes, clothing, costumes, barrier-free goods, nursing care equipment, baby and children’s clothing, and accessories.
◆ Sale of goods using the Internet and SNS to provide information and services.
◆ Collaboration planning, implementation and management with craftsmen, musicians and artists.
◆ Innovative business between different industries with similar values

Sukiya Co., Ltd.

Founded: 2014
Office: Fukuoka



Photo:Sukiya1【Business Ethos】
◆ Contributing to the creation of a harmonious society by inheriting traditional Japanese values and views of nature through craftsmanship.

【Business Overview】 
◆ Production and sales of daily miscellaneous goods and stationery using traditional crafts
◆ Production and sales of daily miscellaneous goods and stationery using the theme of nature in Japan, and nature preservation support
◆ Collaboration with persons with disabilities in the production process

Shinkyo Ltd.

Founded: Jan. 1987
Office: Ichikawa
COO: Satoshi Nakamura (CFP Qualified)



【Business Ethos】
◆ Helping to improve each household 's finances, and solving the problems of excess debt to bring a smile back to those who are overburdened by debt.

【Business Overview】 
◆ Financial Planner Office Management
◆ A second opinion business on financing the largest debts of most people’s lives, such as mortgage and apartment loans.

hito.oto Co., Ltd.

Founded: 2018
Office: Osaka



【Business Ethos】
I protect my body by myself! The connected consciousness of each human being and their body is amazing!
Human encounters connect the mind, and connect life
Imagine a cherished future from a holistic point of view

【Business Purpose】
Japan has an endless task ahead in facing a society that suffers from a low birthrate and super-aging. Our aim is to address this fundamental societal challenge from a medical viewpoint.
We would like to provide beneficial and effective nursing and related activities to people who need not only Western-based medical treatment but also a holistic approach.

【Business Overview】 
Main business: YuRiCa Visiting nursing station ( Opened July 1st 2018)
◆ Provide nursing for everyone from newborn babies to the elderly, with warm hands and hearts.
◆ Total home-based care with a nutritional approach for prenatal and postpartum mothers who are suffering from postpartum depression or poor physical condition.
(The prevention of child abuse, reducing the numbers of poor families, and upgrading the national capacity for caregiving power)Photo:hito.oto1
◆ To build a disease prevention concept for people in which our body and thoughts depend on what we eat.
◆ We provide compassionate care across all generations, which connects the elderly generations who remember the war and the children who know nothing of war. This can nurture the mind and imagination of the youth, while the elderly can alleviate their feelings of loneliness and find purpose in living again.
◆ Nutrition and culinary courses for caregivers


Founded: 2018
Office: Fukuoka



Photo:mixjam1【Business Ethos】
Collaboration of social entrepreneurs

【Business Purpose】
Creating a life together with economic wealth and richness of mind

【Business Overview】 
General administration division of MeLike Social Entrepreneurs Alliance

Matoi Co. Ltd.

Founded: 2018
Office: Fukuoka



【Business Ethos】
“Awakening the functions that all people are born with, to create an environment where both body and mind can stand solidly on their own”

Photo:Matoi1【Business Purpose】
Matoi Co. Ltd. solve social problems through our business, addressing such issues as child poverty, dysfunctional families, crime, recidivism, suicide, and food safety. We awaken the functions that all human beings are born with to create an environment where both body and mind can stand solidly on their own.

【Business Overview】 
○ Training of human resources to improve living environments
・ Organizing reflexology self-care courses and other reflexology courses that teach people to carefully interact with themselves and feel the voice within their body
・ Organizing home management training to teach in a practical way about various facets of life in general
・ Organizing courses on the workings of nature and the structure of the body, to make use of this knowledge in daily life
・ Organizing volunteer training courses
○ Sales of natural circulation products
○ Creating a place where live is worth living again for needy people


Founded: 2018
Office: Fukuoka


Photo:IRODORI1【Business Ethos】
Creating a society where we value ourselves and others

【Business purpose】
We create a healthy environment for the mind and body, applying it to both companies and families through business to solve social problems such as unemployment, death from overwork, divorce, dysfunctional families, etc.

【Business Overview】 
Photo:IRODORI2◆ Experience-oriented seminar for mental health measures, "Stress Release"
◆ Communication course”Cü” teaching how to avoid being confrontational with others
◆ Course in "Wallet Management" aimed at reducing monetary stress and improving domestic communication
◆ Human resource development course, the "Communication Specialist Training Course," to teach improved human relations

Good Wealth

Founded: 2018
Office: Aichi


Logo:Good Wealth

Photo:Logo:Good Wealth1【Business Ethos】
We fully support clients in their search for rich and joyful lives!
1. Self-reliance support for the elderly
2. Community support for the elderly

【Business Purpose】
1) Providing information and services to elderly people and their families to help them maintain mental and physiological health and self-reliance in everyday life
2) Encouraging the elderly to actively and positively engage with their local town and region, with confidence in fulfilling their lives
3) We aim to contribute to the promotion of society’s overall health through these activities.

Photo:Logo:Good Wealth2【Business Overview】 
Good Wealth supports a way of life where the elderly can be themselves, with four business themes from Nishio City in Aichi Prefecture, Tokai region.
We offer members a wide variety of services, such as various study groups, networking events, worry-free monitoring services, and certified items with the four themes of security, health and beauty, entertainment and plans for the end of life.
We provide a familiar area where the privacy and dignity of elderly people are adequately protected. We also provide safe and engaging livelihoods until the end of life by offering support and entertainment to help sustain stable daily lives in the area, as well as housing.


Founded: 2018
Office: Tokyo


【Business Ethos】ゴーウィ株式会社イメージ

Aiming for a society where people can be happy even if they are sick.

【Business Overview】

1)Photo studio for breast cancer patients.Photography and heart support. Breast cancer experienced staff.

2) Other healthcare services business.


Founded: 2018
Office: Fukuoka


【Business Ethos】ガードナーイメージ

Solving social issues through manufacturing

What you develop scales to the world

Innocence・・・Work is a life path

【Business Overview】

Development and manufacture of care products and hairdressing products

Develop and manufacture products that protect the body

Cooking product development and manufacturing

Exciting product developmentガードナーイメージ


Founded: 2018
Office: Fukuoka


Founded: 1989/11/13
Office: Hyogo


【Founding philosophy】六甲工芸社イメージ六甲工芸社イメージ

Create a new workplace that can contribute to the local community through manufacturing

【Business Overview】

Creating cosmetic decorations,Regional contribution business六甲工芸社イメージ

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