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SBRC(Social Business Research Center):Activities

Workshop & Seminar

The SBRC regularly holds workshops for the creation of social businesses. Among people who have attended the workshops, several have started a Yunus Social Business Company (among the first in Japan).
(For more information, please see the profile of Human Harbor Co., Ltd. in “Incubation.”)

1.Types of Workshops/Seminars

(1)TYPE 1 Regular workshops (Fukuoka)
In workshops regularly held in Fukuoka, where the SBRC is located, a wide variety of people who are interested in social business are welcomed to an opportunity to learn about Yunus Social Business (free admission).

(2)TYPE 2 Events preceding and following Prof. Yunus’ Japan tours (Fukuoka, Tokyo, Kansai, Tohoku)
Workshops are held in various locations, depending on the theme and location of each session: 1) the SBFA Preliminary Workshop, a preparatory meeting looking towards the presentation of a plan in the annual Social Business Forum in Asia (SBFA) attended by Prof. Yunus in July in Japan, 2) the SBFA Workshop, held during the tour and attended by participants in the SBFA, and 3) the Post-SBFA Workshop, focused on refining a business plan after receiving input from Prof. Yunus.

(3)TYPE 3 Seminars for corporations and business owners (All Japan)
Until now, the SBRC has responded to individual social business plans from companies and business owners. However, we also plan to hold seminars for those who aim to establish partnerships with Grameen corporations and create social businesses in Bangladesh, while we provide more practical support systems (a paid service).
According to the needs and progress status of the individual, we will handle incubation in cooperation with a consulting company acting as our business partner.

2.Workshop participants: TYPE 1/TYPE 2

Since social businesses require concepts and viewpoints beyond existing social systems and frameworks, as well as innovative approaches to solving social problems, the creativity of the various actors who compose the society carries considerable importance. The SBRC holds workshops where people from all walks of life are welcomed. We place importance on group work, where participants can make use of their experience, knowledge and networks.


The SBRC carries out incubation in the following three areas in Japan and overseas, as an activity of Yunus Social Business. Currently, we are preparing for the establishment of a Social Business Fund to encourage further creation of social businesses and increasingly effective incubation functions.

1.Establishing a joint venture with Grameen Group

Mainly aimed at providing coordination services in establishing a joint venture between a Japanese company and Grameen Group in Bangladesh.

A joint venture founded by Yukiguni Maitake Co., Ltd. and Grameen Krishi Foundation (2010)

Grameen UNIQLO:
A joint venture founded by UNIQLO Social Business Bangladesh Ltd. (Established to implement social business, and a wholly owned subsidiary of FAST RETAILING Co., LTD.) and Grameen Healthcare Trust (2010)

2.Establishing a social business company

Mainly aimed at providing coordination and consultation services in starting a social business in Japan.

Human Harbor Co., Ltd., the first certified SB company in Japan (2012)

3.Social Business Contest

The Yunus & Youth Social Business Design Contest has been implemented since 2012, hosted by the SBRC and planned/operated by Yunus Social Business Club (YSBC)
-After the contest, the winners continue to refine their plans along with a professional consultant, as they obtain an opportunity to present their ideas at the Global Social Business Summit, the international conference for social business held annually in November.

PLUS COSME PROJECT (winner of 2012 contest)
HINAMOROKO PROJECT (winner of 2013 contest)

Academic Research

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