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About Dr. Muhammad Yunus

Born in 1940, Bangladesh Chittagong. After having served as a lecturer at Chittagong College, he received a doctorate in economics from the university. Since returning to Bangladesh in 1972, after witnessing the plight of poor people due to the great famine of 1974, we began activities for eradicating poverty in the country. In 1983 founded Grameen Bank to do unsecured small lot loan (micro credit). Under the philosophy of Dr. Yunus as the core of the Grameen Bank that "mortgage and collateral are not required for the credit system for the poor" under the philosophy of Grameen Bank, it supports the independence of poor people in rural areas, We made small-lot loans to self-employed people, especially poor women, and contributed greatly to the reduction of poverty in the country.

In recognition of its accomplishment, he won the Nobel Peace Prize with Grameen Bank in 2006. In addition, more than 100 awards are awarded from around the world, each region such as Magsaysay Award called "Asian Nobel Prize", Medal of Freedom of the United States, US Congress Gold Medal Award, World Food Award, Nikkei Asia Award, Fukuoka Asian Cultural Grand Award In addition, more than 40 honorable titles (honorary doctorate etc) are awarded from universities all over the world.

Yunus aims to eradicate poverty through business methods Dr. Yunus runs more than 50 Grameen related companies (Grameen family) to solve various social issues such as education, medical care, energy, information communication. Promote social business such as promotion of local industry in Bangladesh, dissemination of communication technology, use of renewable energy, etc., and also partnership with United Nations, multinational corporations, universities and others to develop social business all over the world It continues practicing.
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In order to embody the social business advocated by Dr. Muhammad Yunus, it is a contest held by SBRC, the only Yunus Center in Japan.
For the purpose of creating innovative social business by young people, we have created a business to solve social issues autonomously and continuously even at the past six meetings. It features a mentor-accompanying polite effort and a rich workshop by luxury guests.




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