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Lecture and Workshop for the Course of Lectures of Human Development for Regional Policy Design(10 June, 2017)

SBRC executive director, professor Masaharu Okada, offered a lecture and workshop on ‘Omi Merchant and Social Business’ for the course of lectures of Human Development for Regional Policy Design in Kyushu University Satellite Campus in JR Hakata city on June 10, 2017.

The theme of the course of lectures this year is ‘diversity’. Social Business is an effective way to approach how to evaluate different positions and values in society.

Approximately 70 students and auditors from across Kyushu region worked in groups, following the Social Business development process;

1. List the problems and needs you want to address

2. Use your own passion

3. Focus on a specific aim rather than a broad idea

4. Picture who you want to provide the business for and what kind of business it is

5, Build the business model and test it repeatedly

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