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March 10th, 2018: Social Business Re: Start Up Workshop 3

[Workshop 3 Presenters]

“SDGs and Social Activities”, Ms. Miki NAGASHIMA, Japan Civil Society Network on SDGs

“Merchants in the Edo Period and Social Business”, Mr Toshio GOTO, Representative Director, 100 Year Management Research Institution

“Review Your Business Model vol.3 – Profitable Business Model”, Ms. Miho KOBAYASHI, Consulting Director, Avergence Inc.

Ms. Nagashima talked about some tips on how we can solve macro issues while living in a micro manner. She took the water in Tokyo Bay as an example. As sea water became cleaner by human measurements, the amount of plankton that could grow in the area decreased. This had a harmful effect on seaweed growth. What is often justified as a proper action could create unexpected destruction.

Mr Goto discussed some examples of compatibility between business viability and social roles that Oomi merchants had. The major secrets of corporate longevity are:
– don’t waste people, things and money
– efficient and frugal management and
– family owned businesses

In the Review Your Business Model vol.3 workshop by Ms. Kobayashi, participants had an opportunity to learn various revenue models and reviewed their profit model.

The last workshop will be held on March 18th!

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