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February 25th, 2018: Social Business Re: Start Up Workshop 2

This workshop targets social business owners, potential entrepreneurs and people who are interested in solving social issues.

Participants have opportunities to learn the philosophy of Yunus Social Business, analyze case studies, and deeply understand this business method aimed to solve social issues. Yunus Social Business is advocated by Nobel Peace Laureate, Professor Muhammad Yunus to independently and sustainably solve social issues.

[Workshop 2 Presenters]

“Management of Social Business Company in Fukuoka”, Mr Seiji TSUDA, Assistant General Manager, Sales Department, Human Harbor

“Open Innovation by ICT – Case Studies and Practices”, Mr Masatoshi NAKAMURA, Director of Open Innovation Promotion Office, NTT WEST

“Review Your Business Model vol.2 – Valuable Services for Customers”, Ms. Miho KOBAYASHI, Consulting Director, Avergence Inc.

First, in the practice report by Human Harbor Inc., the organization received questions including how to find investors and how to make good relationships with clients. The company offers a comprehensive social rehabilitation program for former inmates by giving them an opportunity to partake in a sustainable industrial recycling business aimed at overcoming the three major obstacles they face in society: accommodation, education, and employment. Human Harbor is shown as a successful example of social business in Professor Yunus’ new book, “A World of Three Zeros”, released on February 20th, 2018.

A large enterprise, NTT WEST, made a presentation on how to utilize the technology and resources of large enterprises to further Social Business. They believe that “Innovation is not a purpose but a means of solving social issues”. NTT WEST will participate as a mentor in 2018 YYCONTEST starting entry on April 1st, 2018. With ideas and passion, there will be the possibility of receiving various kinds of support including technology and funds.

In the exercise session, the theme was “what is the value clients are looking for?” Participants learned success factors and practical skills of the business model from actual cases. They also spent time to review their services to see whether they provide sufficient services to solve their clients’ problems.

The next workshop will be held on March 10th!

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