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Lecture Event ‘The Omi Merchants and Social Business’ at Doshisha University (21 April, 2017)

Professor Masaharu Okada, an executive director of SBRC, gave a lecture at the faculty of commerce at Doshisha University in Kyoto.

Back in Edo period of Japanese history, community merchants known as Omi shonin (Omi merchants) had a harmonious spirit, ‘Sampo-Yoshi’, which literally means ‘three-way satisfaction’ in their businesses; benefits to the seller, to the buyer, and to local society.
Professor Okada asserted that Social Business defined by Dr. Mohammad Yunus echoes that old Japanese business philosophy, quoting ‘Economic prowess without morality leads to crime, morality without economic impact is a jest’ by Sontoku Ninomiya, a Japanese agricultural leader, philosopher, moralist, and economist in Edo period. Professor Okada also stated that Yunus Social Business is showing the way to tackle various problems in current Japanese society such as an increase of poverty and an ageing population.

It was a valuable opportunity for about 500 students who were hanging on his every word to learn what Social Business is and recognize the importance of business pursuit and social contribution in both ways for an age to come.

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