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November 25th, 2017 Social Gathering attended by Professor Yunus and Social Business Companies of Japan

A social gathering was held inviting Professor Yunus in Odaiba, Tokyo on November 25th.

Below is the list of attendees, including new companies certified as a social business companies in November 2017:

  • Human Harbor
  • Shokuiku Daigaku
  • Trust, Inc.
  • MISOL Co., Ltd. (New)
  • Cloud Nine Education Association (New)
  • Curious Minds Inc. (New)

There are thirteen social business companies in Japan. If your company practices meet the seven principles advocated by Professor Yunus, then it is certified and works as a social business company.

  1. The business objective will be to overcome poverty, or one or more problems (such as education, health, technology access, and environment) which threaten people
  2. Financial and economic sustainability.
  3. Investors get back the investment amount only. No dividend is given beyond investment money.
  4. When the investment is paid back, company profit stays with the company for expansion and improvement.
  5. Environmentally conscious.
  6. Workforce gets market wages with better working conditions.
  7. Do it with joy.

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in social business and the activities undertaken by Professor Yunus.

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