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[YY Contest 2017] October 21st, 2017: YY Contest 2017 Finals

YY Contest Finals took place at The Sasakawa Peace Foundation (Minato-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN) on October 21st, 2017.

Two teams from the Student Category and four teams from the Non-student/Young Pioneer Category went on the finals and each team made an eight-minute presentation about their business plans to solve social issues.

The panel of judges were as follows:

  • Yuuko SATAKE, CO-CEO Grammin Euglena
  • Kumi FUJISAWA, Think Tank Sofia Bank
  • Masahiro KAN, Grammin Bank Japan
  • Masataka SABURI, The Sasakawa Peace Foundation
  • Yasushi NAKAGAWA, Touch Asia Group CEO
  • Masaharu OKADA, Kyushu University SBRC

In the Student Category, the team, “teamAct (Sooka University)”, designed a customizable cell phone application called SUMOA focusing on physical training, brain training and meals in order to prevent dementia.

The other team, “Hitori-Koyabu(Hoosei Univeristy)”, proposed a business model to hold a Boccia Games competition for disabled and non-disabled employees. The aim for the competition is to understand each other through sports.

In the Non-student/Young Pioneer Category, the team, “Heimo Japan”, introduced a SNS to decrease the suicide number in Japan. Based on the SNS called Heimo in Helsinki, Finland, Heimo Japan’s version is already on trial and is currently providing users unlimited counseling services with mentors on a chat system. Users are required to pay a monthly fee.

The team, “BUI”, focused on the empowerment of local farmers through a direct marketing platform. They introduced an idea via a cell phone application targeting housewives who would be encouraged to go sight-seeing around the area of farms and pick up vegetables directly from farmers.

The team, “Sonrisa”, brought forward an idea of a video chat system called EMOTOMO for seniors with physical difficulties or living in remote areas for communication opportunities with others.

The team, “Human Alba”, has founded a one-stop facility for addicts to receive four fundamental support systems: treatment/recovery, accommodation, education and work. Rehabilitation facilities for drugs, gambling, alcohol addicts are in short supply in Japan and the team works on the project to create a place where everyone will be able to get back on the right track in their lives.

After a heated discussion among judges, winners were announced as follows:

[Student Category] teamAct (Sooka University)
[Non-student/Young Pioneer Category] Sonrisa

A message from Dr. Yunus was shown before and after a contest.

Mr Masataka SABURI from The Sasakawa Peace Foundation provided a place for the contest and made a speech.

Ms Kumi FUJISAWA from Think Tank Sofia Bank made a keynote speech on “All business will go towards social business”.

Professor Masaharu OKADA from Kyushu University SBRC made a speech on “WHAT IS NEXT? Yunus Social Business – Business to solve social issues”.

The winner from last year “Tabimart” reported on their progress.

Mr Masahiro KAN from Grammin Bank Japan made an announcement from Grammin Bank Japan.

Mr Yuuko SATAKE from CO-CEO Grammin Euglenamade an announcement from the Action Tank of Yunus Social Business Fund&Think Tank.

The two winning teams will be awarded at the annual Global Social Business Summit in Paris, France in November 2017 and make a presentation about their business plans at the Young Challengers Meeting.

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