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Social Business RE: Start-up Workshop @ Fukuoka City Start-Up Cafe (September 23rd)

Social Business RE: Start-up workshop @ Fukuoka city Start-up cafe (September 23rd)

SBRC and Fukuoka city co-hosted Social Business RE: Start-up workshop @ Fukuoka city Start-up cafe, a place to support entrepreneurs.
This workshop aimed to be the first step for companies and business people having issues with their business financially, to improve their business model after learning about the positive cases with social business.

We had three lecturers.

・Masaharu Okada, Kyushu University Yunus and Shiiki SBRC Executive Director, lawyer in New York City, Former NTT international legal officer.

・Miho Kobayashi, Avergence Inc. Director of Consulting, Management Consultant, Yunus Social Business Contest “YY Contest” Organizer and lecturer.

・Atsushi Takayama, Former Human Harbor Corporation Vice President, social rehabilitation for those released from prison through industrial recycling business.

We had fifty participants, even though it was a long four hour workshop, with a lot of networking happening during that time.


We can expect new Yunus Social Business Companies in Fukuoka to be born soon.
SBRC is planning to have some workshop series to focus on each project. Please look forward to announcements regarding our new series in the future.

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