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The 3rd YY Contest 2017 Work Shop (Aug 19)

The 3rd YY Contest 2017 work shop took place on Aug 19th at Softbank Corp in Shiodome, Tokyo.

It started with feedback from Ms. Kobayashi regarding BMC submitted by each team. She evaluated each team’s BMC through the point of view of;

– What is the clear difference from rival services or projects?

– How precise is the potential profit?

– How much initial investment is needed?

– How sure are the expected potential resources?

– How sure are the expected potential business partners?

Her feedback was followed by a team building game called “Marshmallow Challenge” which each team aims to build the highest self-standing tower with limited resources using only pasta, tape, string, and marshmallows. This game became famous when Tom Wujec had a presentation about it on TED.
Participants and mentors made brand new teams with new people and experienced the process of building a team to approach the challenge together. After the challenge, participants had many findings;
• Just “doing it!” is more important than planning
• Learning by sneaking a look at the success of other teams
• Assigning roles was difficult

The first lecturer of today, Mr. Tatsuro Tsushima of INDEE Japan Ltd. has a uniquely wonderful background in which he won “Japan International Bird-man Rally” holding the Japanese record twice when he was a university student. The topic of his lecture “Lean start up” means a simple management without waste of resources and time born from TOYOTA in the U.S. in the 1980’s.
Large Japanese companies have grown up with the one-way process of 1) idea, 2) development, 3) manufacture, 4) sales, 5) result, which often gets them in the dilemma that it is hard for them to approach social innovation.
However, the lean start up process, going back and forth between hypothesis and verification with 1) customer finding, 2)customer proof, 3) customer development, 4) formulation, makes it possible to create a valuable product to share feelings and needs with your customers.
He empathized the importance of trial and error with never giving up which was great guidance for participants to launch new businesses.

Today’s second lecturer, social education designer, Mr. Ryoji Kodera started his workshop with “key-word introduction” which taught participants that it is crucial to make our own “tag” to make partners. The room immediately got filled with pleasant conversations and laughter. He made a point by saying “One’s power is small, but if the one could get many partners, he can change society” and “The key for a successful business is sharing many relatable key-words and finding partners to co-operate with your business”

The workshop finished with mentoring and many teams used the lean start up methodology with hypothesis and verification. The teams brushed up their business ideas and plans considering ‘social impact’ ‘originality’ and ‘profit’.

The next workshop will be held on September 9th with the topics ‘Financial plans’ ‘Presentation skills’ and ‘How to find capital for Yunus Social Business’

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