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【YY Contest 2017】The 2nd Workshop held on July 29th

【YY Contest 2017】The 2nd Workshop held on July 29th

The second workshop of the YY contest 2017 took place on July 29th in a seminar room at Softbank Corp. Shiodome campus in Tokyo.

Ms. Kobayashi started the workshop with a review of the assignment (completed ‘VPC’ value proposition canvass) submitted by each team after the 1st workshop. She picked up a VPC about a sharing house business for elderly people created by a team ‘Reborn’ to identify what the value is in one word, if the value can increase customer’s ‘Gain’ and reduce ‘Pain’, and what is the problems with the existing service.

After the review of the assignment, Ms. Kobayashi announced the mentor in charge of each team. YY contest has a mentor system to polish each team’s idea into a business-ready plan and provide a learn-able opportunity for participants through networking with business experts and experienced professionals.

During Ms. Kobayashi’s lecture, ‘Build Business Model vol.2’, each team had group work with their mentor working on ‘BMC’ business model canvas including 9 basic building blocks. It was their first ever joint-work, but they actively expressed their ideas. Some teams even dared to change their business subject.

The second lecture was given by Satoru Itabashi, the founder of PICTO ZUKAI. Participants learned the method of PICTO ZUKAI, designing business models through ‘business manager’s perspective’ such as Cookpad and Amazon to focus on Who, Whom, What, and How much. The great advantage of this method is its simplicity. It consists of simple rules and basic icons, so anyone can make business model diagrams with PICTO ZUKAI. It was obvious that the team and their mentor had a better quality of communication after working together by hand on the workshop.

The last lecture was given by Kazuhiro Arai from Kamakura Investment Management Co., Ltd that has a company slogan stating ‘Create more good companies’ with ‘Yui 2101′ project. His professional eye has been deciding the value of companies not through their past experiences and success but by through their cunning cutting edge way of that leaves everyone convinced. Also, he talked about the difference in strategies you need when approaching different investors for starting capital such as government bodies or companies. They don’t just see your business plan but also your human spirit. Mr. Arai’s strong messages reached the participants’ hearts regarding the determination of business success while solving social issues.

The next workshop, which will be the 3rd workshop, is on August 19th with a lecture about “Lean Startups”, a prototype of low-cost minimal services and products to see customer’s reaction and another lecture about the importance of team building.

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