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SBRC held The SOCIAL BUSINESS FORUM ASIA 2018 Autumn (10/27)

SBRC held The SOCIAL BUSINESS FORUM ASIA 2018 Autumn (27th Oct. 2018)

The winning teams from social business contests sponsored by Yunus Center in Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Japan come together.

The Thai team, Greensery, offered an alternative to plastic. They developed a prototype by making agricultural pots that reduce the burden on the environment by using rubber bags, which also helps increase the yields of farmers.
The Malaysian team, Keriya, launched a business model that involved working with people as “street friends” instead of as homeless.

The Taiwanese team, IMPACKER, guides backpackers into rural areas. It is a matching platform that enables intercultural exchanges with local residents and young people. The Japanese representative was Sukiya Co., Ltd., which uses embroidered motifs of endangered birds to create products that help support wildlife conservation groups. The products are made by disabled persons or mothers with a small children at home.

Whether for issues specializing in one area, or for issues that are common all over the world, we ask “What is it for? Who is the customer? Why was that service chosen? How does it make money?” This is a business model aimed at global impact by solving problems right in front of our eyes.

For the latter half of the forum, Representatives of Yunus Centers from each country discussed branding and strategy for the expansion of Yunus Social Business in Asia while engaging in concrete initiatives and achievements. The forum represented a positive movement towards the future.

Date: Saturday, October 27, 2018 / 14:00—19:00
Venue: Satta Hall, Sotobori BLD 9F, Hosei University, Tokyo
Organizer: Yunus & Shiiki Social Business Research Center, Kyushu University
Support: Faculty of Lifelong Learning and Career Studies Hosei University, Social Business Academia Network, NIPPON TELEGRAPH AND TELEPHONE WEST CORPORATION, Borderless Japan Corp.


This forum was aimed at spreading awareness of the movement of Social Business as defined by Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Professor Muhammad Yunus. The forum was open not only to academics from around the world, but also to companies and members of the public who are interested in Social Business. Yunus Centers in the Asia-Pacific region assembled for an open meeting to co-launch the Yunus Social Business Design Contest Asia-Pacific, and for a ceremony to sign a Memorandum of Understanding. At SBFA 2018 Spring, which was held at Fukuoka Growth Next at Fukuoka City’s start-up facility on April 28, 2018, members of Yunus Centers in the Asia-Pacific region gathered together and joined in lectures and panel discussions involving business people who are active both at home and abroad. We held a public meeting and a memorandum conclusion ceremony to launch the Yunus Social Business Design Contest Asia-Pacific as a joint project.

The first official event of the Yunus Social Business Design Contest Asia-Pacific was held on October 27, 2018, and was open to the public. Winning Thai, Taiwanese, Malaysian and Japanese social business contest teams got together at Hosei University, which has a special interest in social business. They presented their ideas to each other in a spirit of cooperation and support. The idea was to introduce the potential of social business to the world, which is why members of the public were invited to attend.


In July 2007, Kyushu University signed an exchange agreement with Grameen Communications (Bangladesh), and the Yunus & Shiiki Social Business Research Center (SBRC) was established in October 2011 as a full-scale global research center. Since then, the SBRC has been inviting Professor Yunus to events all over the country and holding Social Business Forums Asia (SBFA) with various themes every year.

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