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February 20th, 2018 – A new book by Professor Yunus has been released!

A Japanese version of Professor Muhammad Yunus’ latest issue, “A World of Three Zeros”, was released.

Hayakawa Publishing 272pages 2052yen

<Excerpt from amazon.co.jp below>
The Trump phenomenon, expansion of inequality, accelerating global warming… the world is now fighting capitalist dysfunction.

Based on the activities of the Grameen group and other related groups spread around the world, Nobel Peace Prize laureate Professor Yunus established Grameen bank in Bangladesh, to in order to take concrete measures to alleviate the poverty of his home country.

If we pursue social business with a spirit of entrepreneurship aimed to redesigning financial systems, a world of three zeros, zero poverty, zero unemployment, zero carbon dioxide emissions could come true.

Many partnership projects with Japanese organizations such as Euglena and Kyushu University have been established to help the world overcome this era of division and crisis. (Commentary: Dr. Hirohito Yasuura, Executive Vice President, Kyushu University)

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