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November 25th, 2017: Joint corporation of “Grameen Japan Auto World” rose up

Source: Reproduced from Kyodo News

On November 25th, Grameen group, led by Professor Muhammad Yunus who is a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and economist from Bangladesh, gave a news release that they would establish a joint company with three midsize automobile firms in Japan. They will manage car maintenance and car part import services in Bangladesh.  

Professor Yunus spoke of his enthusiasm about this news at a press conference in Tokyo. He would like to build a Japanese style car maintenance service in Bangladesh. The Japanese companies were considering overseas expansion so that their expectations matched those of Professor Yunus.

The joint company was named “Grameen Japan Auto World”. It will be established in the capital city of Dhaka, Bangladesh in March 2018 with 10,000,000 yen in capital: 51% by Grameen group and 49% by automobile companies in Japan.

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