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Be Part of the Audience for YY Contest 2017 Finals on October 21st Saturday

Yunus and Youth Social Business Design Contest 2017 Finals







Yunus and Youth Social Business Design Contest 2017, which has had workshops since July, will conclude with the finals. 
The finalists have been brushing up their business plans with mentors for four months to be selected from 14 teams. Only one winning team from each category of student and non students will be chosen as the winner.

The winners will be awarded with
・Ticket to Global Social Business Summit 2017(Paris)
・Promotion via Kyushu University SBRC Website

Why not be witness to the moment that a brand new social business plan to change the world is born?

【Date】2017 October 21st, Saturday 12:30~18:00

【Location】The Sasagawa Peace Foundation Bldg 11F International Conference Room

【Host】Kyushu University SBRC/YY Contest operation committee 

【Partners】The Sasakawa Peace Foundation, Avergence Inc. Cloud Company Corporation, Softbank Corporation, Grow as People, Nipponia Nippon, The Matsushita Institute of Government and Management, Osaka NPO Center.

【Panel of Judges】
・Yuuko Satake, CO-CEO Grammin Euglena 
・Kumi Fujisawa, Think Tank Sofia Bank 
・Masahiro Kan, Grammin Bank Japan 
・Masataka Saburi, The Sasakawa Peace Foundation 
・Masaharu Okada, Kyushu University SBRC  

12:30~12:35 Greeting from Masato Wakayama, SBRC Center chair
12:35~12:40 Greeting from guest speaker
12:40~12:50 Video message from Dr. Yunus
12:50~13:20 Brief lecture “Introduction to Yunus Social Business” from Masaharu Okada from Kyushu University SBRC 
~Intermission(15 minutes)~
13:35~14:05 Keynote speech from Kumi Fujisawa from Think Tank Sofia Bank
14:05~14:15 Brief Summary of YYC and introduction of judges 
14:15~15:05 Presentation (2 teams of students)
~Intermission(15 minutes)~
15:20~17:00 Presentation (4 teams of non students) 
~Intermission(15 minutes)~
17:15~17:30  YY Contest 2016 winning team, Tabimart, revisted
17:30~17:45 Plan for the future of YY Contest ASIA
17:45~17:55 Announcement of results and winning ceremony
17:55~18:05 Announcement regarding Grammin Bank Japan from Masahiro Kan
18:05~18:10 Closing
【Audience application】https://goo.gl/forms/mI1kb8eKdKrMGWA42
【Enquiries】 YY Contest 2017 operating committee  yycontest@gmail.com

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