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Dr. Yunus Interviewed in a Special Issue of Forbes (available in September).

Dr. Yunus interviewed in a special issue of Forbes to commemorate the 100 year anniversary of the founding of the economic magazine (available in September).

In a special 100 year anniversary issue of the world’s leading economic magazine, Forbes, a list has been compiled of the top 100 most influential greatest business minds, including an interview with Dr. Yunus.










” Capitalism has been interpreted to be based on greed. But while human beings are selfish, they’re also selfless. Why is the latter part discarded from the interpretation? We’re increasingly seeing social businesses, or nondividend businesses, whose entire objective is to solve problems rather than make money, being born in many parts of the world. In social businesses, profits are recycled inside the company itself to continue work on a problem. Investors get to recoup their money but nothing more, other than the enjoyment of what they’ve done. Making money is a happiness; making other people happy is a super-happiness.”

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