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Social Business Youth Summit 2017

Social Business Youth Summit 2017

Welcoming next-generation entrepreneurs from all over the world, Social Business Youth Summit 2017 took place at the Westin, Dhaka, Bangladesh on July 30-31. 







15 guest speakers such as Dr. Muhammad Yunus, Marcia Stephens Bloom Bernicat who is the American ambassador in Bangladesh, Sidsel Bleken who is the Norwegian ambassador in Bangladesh, and Hans Reitz of Grameen Creative Lab gave speeches in front of 400 young entrepreneurs.


























During the summit, the finals of the business contest, Social Business Champ2017 that started in 2014 was held. The wining team was a Malaysian team, which was chosen from more than 370 teams and an Indonesian team and a Bangladesh team won second places.    







The winning team received; 
・The prize from Novel Peace Prize Laureate, Dr. Muhammad Yunus
・Financial support to start a new business from YY Global resources and networks
・Fund raising by SBYA Global
・Access privileges to Social Business accelerators and fund around the world 


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