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【YY Contest 2017】Entry for Participants and Mentors Open!

The entry to the Yunus & Youth Social Business Contest 2017 for participants and mentors is now open.

<The entry deadline for participants> 18:00    Saturday, June 17, 2017   

<The application deadline for mentors> 18:00 Saturday, June 17, 2017    


We will host the 6th YY contest, the gateway to success in social business.  

It will be a valuable opportunity to learn about Yunus Social Business and the initial step to found your own company.

We are looking forward to receiving fresh ideas from many people!

Please visit the YY contest official website  for details. 


<< YY CONTEST 2017 Outline&Schedule >>

■Entry deadline: 18:00  Saturday, June 17, 2017     

■Announcement of the results (screening of the entry forms):  Monday, June 26th, 2017

■Workshops〈a 4 day series〉
①Saturday, July 8th  10:00-18:00
②Saturday, July 29th  10:00-18:00
③Saturday, August 19th   10:00-18:00
④Saturday, September 9th   10:00-18:00

■Preliminary screening:   Saturday, September 30th  

■Finals:  Saturday, October 21st 
*The schedule is subject to change. Please refer to the YY contest official website.

■Specific benefits for the winning team; 
・Invitation to the Global Social Business Summit 2017 (including travel expenses and registration fee) 
・Chance to be featured on Kyushu University SBRC advertising medium
・Commemorative prize

Hosted by Kyushu University Yunus and Shiiki Social Business Research Center, YY SOCIAL BUSINESS DESIGN CONTEST (YY CONTEST) started in 2012 to embody social business defined by Dr. Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and founder of the Grameen Bank.

The contest aims to maximize the “Passion”,“Creativity”, and “Technology” young people have, and to increase young entrepreneurs through planning self-reliant and sustainable social business ideas to address social issues.
The contest offers the following four opportunities to encourage entrepreneurship in young people. The experts will support you to realize the business models to approach social issues.

①To learn the theory and practice of Yunus Social Business
②To improve your business plans with experienced mentors 
③To participate in the global summit and build wider networks 
④To get continuous follow-up to commercialize your business plans 

We hope to assist in producing participants’ business plans as more business-ready, and offer the participants beneficial opportunities through interchanging business experts and experienced professionals.  For that reason, we have selected mentors for YY Contest. 

The mentors will help you with improving your plans for the contest preliminary and will continue to follow up with you after the contest.  

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